The book presents the compiled data from the TOP POP SINGLES charts as published by R.P.M. from its first published chart dated June 24, 1964 up to February 10, 1990. From time to time RPM described the charts covered in this book as "Canada's Only National 100 Single Survey." After the first couple of years, the charts were compiled from "record company, radio station and record store reports" up until September, 1988 when the charts were then compiled from "radio station charts and playlists."

The book lists the hits from across Canada during the period covered; almost 11,700 songs by almost 3,200 different artists.

The book has five sections: Introduction, Songs Listed by Artist, Songs Listed by Year (by Peak Position), Statistics and Song Title Index.

Information included for each charted song:
  • Precise title as it appeared on the label
  • Name of the Artist(s)
  • Date it first entered the charts
  • Number of weeks it was on the charts
  • Peak Position
  • Date it first reached its peak position
  • Number of weeks it held its peak position
  • Number of weeks in the Top Ten (if any)
  • Number of weeks in the Top 40 (if any)
  • Original Canadian label and catalogue number
  • Qualified Canadian Content Songs are noted

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